eating too much, drinking too much, dreaming too much. listening to too much music. not wearing a uniform. too much to learn, too much to repeat. so little time. too many people, so many diseases. every me and every you. so many tests, so little answers. way too much reality. so little opportunities. not enough time. distances. telephones, i-phones, internet, i-pods. music. dirty. street and building. blue. gray. or grey. biology and chemistry. ethics and moral. philosophy. legalizing drugs. meetings. tags, lots of them. peaches, moldy peaches, the. hamburg, halle, leipzig, magdeburg. bono. kurt cobain, jimi hendrix, nichita stanescu, elvis presley. miss secret agent. teachers and money. and cars. and everywhere a G. and you. and sorrow. missing you like hell. needing, wanting, refusing. fan, but fiction. musician, not God. black coat. essay. two o’ clock. kids and dogs. and some books. hipocrisy. anarchy, every here and every there. breaking the law. relationships and coffee. and fruits and magazines. and fashion, ah yes, the fashion. style. war. world peace. missing you again. always. today, tomorrow, always. fragrance. some kind of tranquility and a T-shirt. football, basketball and teenagers. sex, drugs, alcohol, tobacco. really nice cars. independence. RDG. history, mistake, statement. order, rule, start. longer than it should have been.

so kiss me.


~ de downtownjesus pe 13 Octombrie 2008.

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